'Never Go Back' Workbook: Never Again Return To What Hasn't Worked

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Never Again: Return To What Hasn't Worked

There are certain awakenings that people have — in life and in business - that once they have them, they never go back to the old way of doing things. And when that happens, they are never the same.

We don’t always get second chances to fix a mistake, but when we do, it’s essential that you avoid making the same errors of judgement that led to a bad outcome the first time. This is very hard for most people, because they’re not viewing the moments of their life from a position of situational awareness. We experience our lives as a series of linear events — this thing happens and then that thing happens and then the next thing happens, and so on.

We are rarely ‘zoomed out’ enough to see the big picture — the view that would show us the factors that lead up to an event, and the eventual consequences, good and bad, of our choices.

This workbook is focused on helping you develop a way of looking at those moment to moment events in your life, which will help you make better choices every time. You’ll be able to see how and why your choices led to a non-ideal result, and be able to anticipate the outcomes of choices you make now and into the future.