Make This Year Better

$ 20.00


Sit back, relax and start to imagine what this next year is going to be like. Think about it like it's a movie that you can watch. Picture some of the things that you know will happen this year, and then I want you to fast forward the movie to December.
What does December look like? Did you lose the 25 lbs you were committed to losing? Did you hit your retirement savings goal?
According to a recent study, just 8% of people are successful in achieving their New Year's resolutions. If every single one of you is picturing a happy ending to the 2016 movie you're watching in your mind, well... Unfortunately, it's just not super likely.
But why is that? Does it have to be that way? Is there something about human beings that dictates that only 2 out of any given 25 people are capable of achieving success?
Most of us are doomed from the very start. The problem is that we've committed ourselves to a result, rather than to a process. We're already thinking about December in January, rather than the 365 days of work and determination it's going to take us to get there.
Achieving almost any goal is as simple as committing yourself to a process. That's why I've created an easy to work program to keep you accountable. 
In this 15 minute video and accompanying worksheet, Dr. Cloud helps you reframe your goals as ongoing processes that will actually help you attain your goals. Watch the video periodically, use the materials we provide to track your progress, and you will find that you're achieving goals in a way that you never have before. If you commit to the process, you absolutely will achieve your goal.
We hope we can help you have the happiest, healthiest 2016 you can possibly have!